• OSRCon 8

  • A Minicon For Role Playing Games
  • Old Games From 1975-85 New Games Inspired By That Era
  • 26 August 2018, Sunday 10am - 6pm
  • Toronto downtown
  • The Manulife Centre, ask for the private residences

The Old School Revival Convention (OSRCon) believes that the first era of role playing games (RPG) was an uncertain age. From 1975-85 Dungeons & Dragons felt its way forward exploring the new realm it had created, while inspiring the creators of many other games. OSRCon believes there was a quality to those games lost in subsequent decades, as RPGs become more professional and corporate. We invite you to return to the first era of RPGs: where everyone was designing their own game; the dungeon master was all-powerful; and, clubs invented their own house rules.

Please visit the OSRCon G+ page to offer a game to run, submit suggestions, palaver, etc. The event is free. This site is old, like the Galactica. As such, some of it either won't work or won't make sense. I'll update it in the by and by.

This year only the game masters will be on the schedule. Players get a seat on a first-come-first-served basis. The game masters set the maximum number of players for a game, which is the number in parenthesis beside the game name. Sessions will be three hours (mainly as an experiment to try to get more games in a single day). If you would like to run a game, please contact me through the Facebook page above. Or, if you're already a member of the OSRCon Toronto G+, you can use that, too.

Froghemoth! And let the games begin!


James Maliszewski

Founder of grognardia.blogspot.ca

Game Sessions

Game GM Maximum
Session 1 10am-1:30pm
The Fantasy Trip Kevin
DCC/Hubris Sean
Warriors Of The Red Planet Zack 5
Session 2 2pm-5/6
Traveller James 8
DCC Jack 6
Warriors Of The Red Planet Zack 5